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Maggie has helped us a lot in the home, spending lots of time doing research towards the vision we described to her of what we wanted our room to be like. As a result of her ideas and encouragement to declutter and folding techniques- she has made our vision a reality. And in doing so, she has taught us an important lesson: Save the space, Save the World. – L.S. (Age 15)

I like the KonMari method™. I feel a sensation of relief because I have only kept the things I love. I like the method of folding clothes. I am very happy with the outcome of the sessions.

Books – Now, I only have the books that I would like to read again, then I will let them go.

Papers – I have better organisation skills.

Sentimental – To reconnect with my sentimental items, I  discarded some items that did not spark joy anymore. -M.T. (Age 17)

I like the method of sorting & tidying, visually you can see what you got! Keeping it this way makes it simplistic, functional,  quick grabbing which certainly maximises the space. It is satisfying to see the clothes folded this way. Many thanks for introducing the KM method. -C.B. (Single person)

I love the KonMari Method™ especially when we had to give a place to each item. Maggie did an amazing job and I cannot find the words to describe the relief I felt. – A.T.N.  (Single Dad with two teenagers)

I got rid of my books because I don’t read anymore and I thought it will be better to give them to other people. I only kept the books that make me thrill of joy. Only being surrounded by the things I love, my daily mood improved and I concentrate my time on other things. I learned how to be organised and how to reconnect with sentimental items. I was keeping things that used to be of sentimental value to me but now I have lost the sentimental attachment, therefore I had to let it go. -A.T. (Age 19)

With her skills and patience, Maggie helped me organise my life by letting go and giving away possessions I no longer need in my life.  I now feel like a new person… My house is fresh and finally tidy! I cannot thank her enough.- D.R. (Mother of two children)

Maggie helped me shift a big weight in my life. My bedroom felt beyond help. It was something I felt ashamed of and when visitors came, the door was always firmly closed. The task was so overwhelming for me, even though I had tried to tackle it. Before I would only get so far, then after a month it would quickly revert back to unorganized. Maggie completely changed that with her support. She cared about my life as a mother and understood the struggles. She came alongside me and helped me to sort every area. Even gave space and encouragement to make tough decisions. I was definitely ready for a change and I wanted a home for my children so I could be proud of living in it. She went above and beyond what I expected. And now being at home feels like being on holiday… literally my room has become a safe haven and is now my favourite space! She helped me realise it’s more about quality than quantity, which has changed my life. It inspired me further to decorate. My kids and I love our ‘new’ home. I am more peaceful and feel good about myself because it reflects more of who I am. – J.S. (Mother of two children)

Maggie completely transformed my brother’s room and mine that used to look very messy. She taught us how to fold our clothes properly so they look neat and organised. She also taught us to know if we needed something or if we wanted something and if we thought we didn’t need it then we had to let it go. Maggie helped us a lot in our home and we would like to thank her for doing the best she could for our house. – J.S.F. (Age 13)

Maggie completely transformed our home before, I thought the only way to feel the chance it was by redecorating!  I never ever thought by tidying and organising was going to make a  huge difference. It is amazing the patience she had and giving us the motivation to focus on the lifestyle we wanted to live. I (we) used to be very messy, due to my work and family chores. She taught us how to fold our clothes properly so they look neat and organised. She also taught us to give a place to every item. I (we) learnt how to let it go things.  Maggie helped us a lot in my home and I would like to thank her for doing the best she could for my house. – (Family of four)

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  1. With Maggie’s incredible commitment and organization skills my children and I were able to identify what is important and also what we need to do in order to live clutter free and a happy life. Maggie was thorough in all aspects of the tidying process which made so much difference in our life. Amazing! and thank you for bringing joy in to our home. M.K (Mother of 2 teenagers)


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