Thank you for reaching this page and being interested in searching for a professional organiser, so you could achieve your organising skills and goals. Here you will find information about Tidy & White’s decluttering and organising services.

Before starting the process, I like to know my client and understand their needs and expectations, so I am able to picture what their goals are, what they would like to achieve as well as understanding what kind of organisation suits their needs.

I offer an initial 30 minutes Zoom Conference Assessment free of charge.

In today’s daily hectic life, a busy person cannot always be there to work with an organiser. Although, I love the KonMari Method™ and its philosophy, I understand it is not for everyone and if this is the case for you, I would like to invite you to get in touch with me to explore other kinds of organising services that I offer.

KonMari Method™

The KonMari Method™ and its philosophy teach us to tidy up a space once and for all. “Given a place to each item, and each item to be put in its appropriate place”. This method consists of 5 categories: Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono (this includes: Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Art Décor and any other place/items that are not mentioned in the other 4 categories) and finally Sentimental Items. With this method, you will apply the art of tidying up through organisation. Focus and time commitment are the keys to achieving this method as well as avoiding a bounce back.

Note: This method is not about being a minimalist, but rather living surrounded by items that make us happy or spark joy in our lives. The home sessions using the KonMari Method™ means the client and I will be working through the process hands on deck. For more information go to FAQ, Do I have to be there?

Single Category session using the KonMari Method™

In Home – I will work applying the philosophy and the method. I will be by your side supporting and assisting you during the sessions to help you achieve a comfortable, happy and organised home.

In home £300 (5 hours per session) + Additional Hour £60

Virtual £250 (5 hours per session) by zoom + Additional Hour £50

“Weekend or Evening after 6:00 pm fee 10% surcharge. Applies for both in person and zoom conference”

Note: Single Category session means 1 category only.

KonMari  Method™ Marathon

This Marathon consists of the 5 Categories: 1) Clothes, 2) Books, 3) Paper, 4) Komono & 5) Sentimental items. This package is perfect if you wish to organise the whole home and work towards completing all five categories of the KonMari Method™ and embrace its philosophy. It is important to follow the order of the categories to achieve the goal of the Marathon and applying the Art of tidying up through organisation.

In home £1500 (30 hours) + Additional Hour £60

Virtual 5 sessions £1200 (25 hours per session) by zoom + Additional Hour £50

“Weekend or Evening after 6:00 pm fee 10% surcharge. Applies for both in person and zoom conference”

Note: A KonMari Method Marathon means completing the 5 different categories.

Worldwide Sessions

If you seek tidying up or decluttering sessions (this includes virtual sessions) in Spanish and Portuguese or if you are looking to have sessions in person around the world, I am happy to assist you. For more information go to FAQ, Will you travel outside of London? or contact me.

If you are interested in my services, please send me an email to arrange a 30 minutes consultation to make an overview assessment of the work that needs to be done, I will be happy to hear from you.

Alternately you can book directly on the calendar on available dates. If you feel that the KonMari Method™ is not what you are looking for, we understand. For this exact reason, I took it upon myself to expand on my knowledge about organising skills so that I can offer you more services that are suited to your needs.

Note: The sessions will be carried out based on the size and volume of items that you wish to organise, donate or discard.

Note: My passions are: The KonMari Method™ Mum Chronogram & Baby Organising. However, I provide other services

What are the advantages of hiring a organiser?

“Most clients say they don’t know where to start – they’re overwhelmed and strapped for time. I think it comes down to our experience and the fact that we’re not emotionally attached to a person’s things and can encourage them to let go. You can photograph and scan items rather than keep the tangible things,” helping you to discover what sparks joy in your life and decide what to keep and what to let go.

Letting go means sharing the joy with others.

“There is a lot of decision-making skills during the process but the plan is that by the end, life will be a lot simpler.” – Marie Kondo

You will learn these life skills. “I talk to my clients about doing the whole process because what generally happens is that they’ll sort out a room or a cupboard and in a very short time it’s back to how it was. This is called a ‘bounce back’, because there is no real change (in behaviour and environment). It is that change that determines making that big leap to knowing that everything has a home.”

Choosing the right person

When choosing an organiser, you need to feel comfortable about someone going through your personal, and often sentimental, items. This is why you should have trust and good working relationship. To hire with the right experience consultant, a good starting point is APDO’s search tool or

Storage solutions

While it is tempting to buy boxes, the aim is to reduce clutter rather than store it. Make use of old shoe-boxes, and if you do need to buy containers, these can be found at Ikea, Amazon, Homes Direct, Mangata, Wayfair, Wilko, Next, John Lewis and other shops. If you do decide to purchase additional storage, we will recommend you for the best placement possible.

Do it yourself

If you don’t want to hire a consultant, you can always have a go yourself. If you need inspiration, you could try some background research.

Tidy Place + Tidy Mind = Tidy Life