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This client is a busy and professional couple, they are parents to two young children and they had just moved to London because of work.

Moving /unpacking items can be overwhelming; therefore they found it was too much for them although they have domestic help, because someone who is not a professional organiser, cannot know how to properly organise a space in a practical way. They realised they needed professional organising help because they could not manage on their own.

Having a busy life and many things to worry about can cut back on the time we have for organising items at home.


Although they had already done discarding before moving to London, while we were unpacking we had to go through it again for the organising to take place.  At the beginning, they weren’t aware of the length of the process, however as the days went by, they understood the process of organising.

Organising is not just about putting items in the right place but also what is crucial is the importance the item holds and the value it has for us, therefore it should be treated as such by being organised in a way that will preserve the item or the fabric with which is made. There are also other factors worth mentioning, for example: we must organise clothes depending on the seasons in which we wear them for example; ski clothes, the special and different occasions we need them for. The client has a passion for clothes such us dresses and evening gowns, so I made sure each item was cared for and left in a way that will last long.

I like to transmit to my clients the awareness to take care and maintain the clothes properly. My tip is to use appropriate hangers to preserve the shape of clothes.

I used variety of organising boxes for: shoes, jeans, make up and others to store the summer clothes. Her husband’s wardrobe was organised in a colour coded order. I used the KonMari Method on all other items. Remember that everything has a place and a place must be given to everything.

What I needed for this task was different types of hangers according to clothes for example, suits. By the end, it was an amazing outcome and the client identified with the home as they added a personal touch. An example of this is the picture you see of the guest room.

The husband’s wardrobe was organized by categories and sub-categories: The shirts and t-shirts were arranged in a color-scale order.We use the KonMari method with the rest of the clothes: belts, ties, cuffs, kerchiefs, scarves, etc.Since the client is a great football fan he has an appreciation and affection for sports shirts and t-shirts. Everything was nicely organized and colour coded. Here I had to consider different types of hangers (very important) depending on the clothing, for example: trousers, shirts, everyday suits, evening suits; tuxedo, frock coat, tailcoat, and morning suit.At the end, the project was a surprising result because the family identified with their home.I was so happy to see all the boxes were finally empty! Mission accomplished.

I want you to know that you are not alone and professionals like me are more than happy to help you achieve your ideal home.

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