Lady’s bedroom

This is the bedroom of a busy lady who works in a farm. She wakes up very early (at 3:30am) in the morning and often used a long time to decide what to wear for work and getting ready in general was a long task because she had no organisational skills.

Having a hectic life can mean that a person does not have the time to waste on choosing clothes or finding an item. Her goal was to create a time-efficient organisation that allowed her to save time when getting ready in the morning before work.


She was easy to work with; however, my personal challenge was to find the right depth of storage baskets so we could store all her items. (This organisation was done in another country).

When learning, she was very impressed with the KonMari Method of folding clothes and she was relieved in the end, how the organisation helped her eliminate any morning stress.

After we organised all her clothes and gave a place to everything, she told me on the phone that now she spends no more than 10 minutes when choosing what to wear, meaning she has spare time to do other things before going to work. Even though, she has to do her make-up she still uses only 25% of her time now, which before was 40 minutes.

*My tips are: When you know where things are placed, you don’t waste your time stressing and trying to find the items you need*. At the end, she was relieved how organising helped her to eliminate the morning stress.

Before and after


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