Six years old girl´s bedroom

This is a 6 years old girl’s bedroom. The mom’s ideal vision was to create an organised and practical bedroom for the little girl to enjoy, as well as facilitating chores for the domestic help.

First of all, the parents and I had to prepare the little girl before the organisation could take place. Beforehand, I talked to the mother, informing her on how it will be carried out.

Since I was going to work on her little girl’s bedroom, it was very important to me that she could give me permission to come in her personal space, without feeling intimidated or feeling like her privacy was invaded. I strongly believe in respecting a person’s belongings.


I was warned by the Mum that her little girl did not allow anyone to touch her soft toys on her bed and her excellent memory allowed her to remember if someone has touched her things or moved them. Also, she remembered all the little details and how it was left exactly. However, the soft toys were taking up a lot of space on the bed and it resulted too crowded. With the help from her mom, we prepared the little girl for the organising. She was understanding of the fact that, just as she needed to have her own space, her soft toys also deserved to have a dedicated space. She decided where to put each soft toy and the outcome was amazing!

She enjoyed and quickly learned how to fold clothes using the KonMari Method. She had such a deep-rooted understanding that each item has a special place that I was told by her mom on the phone, her little girl asked her to give her a container to store her Christmas Advent Calendar. It was wonderful to hear that! When I visited her, she ran to me and she was really eager to fold clothes. She learned so quick, she was showing the housekeeper how to fold plastic bags.

I must say, it was a pleasure to work with this young girl! She was so focused and such a naturally gifted child when organising.

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