This is a toddler’s bedroom

The child and his parents had just arrived to London, so they were still unpacking. The parents had set out a clear vision for their child’s ideal bedroom and the goal was to create a concept that facilitated everyday care activities, while also allowing a child-friendly environment to relax before sleeping.

The bedroom needed professional organising skills to add character. As a professional organiser, I use various types of organisation methods, however in this case, I have used the KonMari Method for folding clothes and working through the category.

How the organisation took place, first of all, I had to assess the space and the volume of items the child needed, so the child carer could have better access. I also analysed the practicality of the situation and gave a place to each item so it is easily accessible. We worked with the organising items that were available, nothing extra was bought and in the end, we sorted out every item in each category.


The wardrobe was shallow which is great on one side because nothing is lost, however, it is not ideal to maximise the space available.

Overall, the organisation time took 20 hours to complete. The hours might seem overwhelmingly long at first because we had to unpack and fold all the clothes, but we followed the structure of Tidy & White by dividing it in 3 stages: discarding, executing and finalising. Remember that we work towards the client’s needs and practicalities. Every experience is personalised, which is why we cannot say exactly how long a session will take because the client’s rhythm, the volume of items and the space are all factors that change from client to client. In the end, we managed to reach the parents’ expectations and I could see a big smile of satisfaction in the mom’s face.

Before and after


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