As, you can see a picture of green flowers with a glimpse of white, before blossoming. I chose that picture with the hope that Tidy & White will grow as a company as new organisation skills and experiences will be gained. While I strive to reach that goal, our flowers are meant to welcome and appreciate every ethnicity, background, culture and tradition.

At Tidy & White, we love mascots – We considered adopting all type of animals as our mascots, however, I had remembered that I used to have a pet bunny when I was a child, so I decided to adopt a bunny family because I believe in it. Furthermore, I believe the idea of having bunny mascots to share their identity with our company and represent it as they connote a sense of family, emotional re-birth, cuteness, cuddly softness, as well as connotations of sensitivity, wellbeing and sense of comfort.

The whole family plays an essential role at Tidy & White and we are pleased to introduce you:

Daddy Bunny- Irish surname Quinn, means: wisdom and intelligence.

Mummy Bunny – Abigail The Hebrew name means: giver of joy, beauty and loyalty.

Bunny boy – meaning of the Latin name Florentius: blossoming and flourishing.

Bunny Girl – Eva The Hebrew name means: live and full of life.

Grandma Bunny – Joy lasts forever. It is a deeply rooted and inspired happiness.

We would like to emphasise the fact that Tidy & White is extremely thankful to our clients for letting us into their home. As a result, we specifically requested Abigail to be hand-drawn seated on her knees to show our gratitude and respect for the client’s home and allowing us to join in their remarkable journey.

Abigail represents Tidy & White: the green shawl she is wearing signifies hope and safety. The blue cloth she is holding, according to the colour coding, means information and sparks joy check. Furthermore, the yellow cloth on top of the pile is to show joy and prosperity, while the orange cloth beneath it represents a bright and uplifting vibe. The pink cloth represents compassion, warmth and from a subjective point of view, it can be also linked to Cancer Research. The red cloth at the bottom of the pile represents the love we put into our home. These emotions and connotations conveyed by the colours are what I hope my clients to feel, after having their home decluttered and organised.

The reason why Abigail is holding a shawl (symbolise clothes) near her heart, is to discover what sparks joy in your life. Because of the immense respect, I hold for my clients, I take into consideration their feelings before and after the process. This is why Abigail shows on all our social media platforms. Determination is the key to achieve anything we set in our minds. Margarita Apaza copy rights.

Mr Orang-utan is a book collector. He is wise and one of the main characters on the video (I hope the video will come soon). He got so involved in reading his books, that he did not notice how many he had. He only realised about it, when he saw there was no space to move around in the tree.

Miss Magpie represents all the people who like to shop until they drop! She loves to get everything that shines and bring it home, where she lives with Mr Orang-utan in the most beautiful tree of the forest. She has some jewellery from the Queen: an elegantly decorated red pin on the side her head, as well as a royal emerald necklace which represents the beauty of English jewellery symbolising hope. When I visited Windsor Castle, I got inspired by this piece of jewellery. Please look closely. With her majestic open wings, represent the freedom you might feel when your life is free of clutter. In the picture, she is ready to fly standing on a new branch of a tree, surrounded with pink roses and newly-blossomed green leaves. With her beautiful white chest full of feathers representing Tidy & White, she has a big, proud smile and sings.

Her life has been transformed; she flies towards the magic future of dreams!