I had the opportunity to participate in the Baby Organising Class with Fabi Bartolli from Brazil. She teaches her students with love, passion and dedication for the organization and preparation for a baby’s arrival.

Get to know Fabi Bartolli

She is a Personal Organizer, specialised in Baby Organising.  She is graduated in Psychological Pedagogy and worked for 9 years as an Administrator and Pedagogical Director in Children’s Schools, in addition to teaching for some years. She is a professional woman, married and a mother of three children. She has always considered “Organization” and “Routine” essential for herself. For that reason, she decided to start this career and help women, mothers and all the people who prioritize quality of life. As a pedagogical administrator, she chose to add training as a Baby Organizer (her biggest role) to actively participate in all matters involving motherhood.

Since then, she has been looking for constant growth and improvement with training and specializations, inside and outside the country for her work as an organizer in general. Especially in the baby universe, she is a speaker and course instructor. Fabi Bartolli teaches throughout Brazil and the world, through online broadcast live. Now, I have the honour to bring that knowledge and support for soon-to-be-parents.

What is the aim of a Baby Organiser?

The aim for the planning is to participate in organising the pregnancy, the arrival of the baby, as well as offering support and aiding the Mum to be. Through the organization, I will show you simple & practical solutions, saving time, money and above all bringing tranquillity for the fabulous mother and father-to-be.

This is why working with a pregnant woman requires sympathy, love and affection to help her realize the dream of motherhood and the new life that’s going to be born!

Mum Planner & Baby Organising

A pregnant woman is totally carried away by the experience and will surely be enchanted with the delicate and rich details of the work and commitment. Even if it’s a small task such as organising a chest of drawer, the organisation that comes with it, is something unique that will be lived by both Parents.

I come to give the best of my knowledge, offering the Mom Planner Service, for the arrival of the cute baby that will be given unconditional love. I will help you in the preparation and organisation for this very special event in your lives, that is much expected to bring even more joy to the whole family and this is the arrival of a baby. Without a single doubt, the process itself is a very challenging job for the parents, but it is also full of positive sides such as the rewarding experience and so it is for me.

Note: I am not a doula. Fees are charged per hour. Set Packages are available. If you require more information about this, please do get in touch with me and I will be able to arrange a Zoom Conference. Alternately you can book directly on the calendar on available dates.

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