Tidy & White – Compound word created by my family.

Meaning of Tidy – Organising brings harmony to your home & improves your lifestyle! Tidying up is so important in our lives, no matter what environment, project, residence or Corporation.  The purpose of tidying up is to use its potential to generate the benefits for the clients, with different methods of organising as it is an important need.

Meaning of & – Family, union, togetherness, teamwork, cooperation.

Meaning of White – I love white, for me means a lot.  New start, freshness, clarity, simplicity, innovation, calm, balance & comfort.

What Tidy & White brings to you: hope, health, trust, compassion, identity, energy, passion, support, nurturing, quality, uniqueness, reliability, strength, power. I always say: organisation gives you happiness and empowers you!

Meet the founder of Tidy & White Ltd, Margarita (Maggie) Apaza.

Allow me to introduce myself: I was born and raised in Bolivia at the age of 13, when I started learning to organise the house by myself. I started using crafts to make things look beautiful and have always been passionate about organising! After tidying up and organising the house, I used to feel sooo….. Happy!

While my friends and other teenagers of my age were in a completely different world, I was already discovering the spark of joy that organising created in me! Without knowing!…. From the age of 17, I have been working in the field of financial accounting, where I have further honed my organisation skills. Having moved to London (still living in) where I have been raising a demanding family, working full time & studying, was not easy. Being organised for me was extremely important and it is still essential now. I found organising became natural to me. Tidying up my home gives me a sense of freedom, power and I feel confident and relaxed when I know where everything is, as well as helping me to save time & money.


 “My organising skills have given me the confidence to take on new challenges that I never thought I could manage before

My family, friends, & co-workers have encouraged me to share the life style I acquired in my life, therefore to bring happiness to other’s people lives. This is why I decided to start my business Tidy & White. So, on 25th May 2019, with the mission of assisting people who need help decluttering and organising at home and in the office, Tidy & White was launched

Our Motto

Tidy place + Tidy mind = Tidy life

I am the first Certified Consultant on the KonMari™ method who is Bolivian Born.

Having lived & worked in Bolivia, Brazil & England, I am fluent in my native language: Quechua, Spanish as well as Portuguese & English.

“I can help you declutter and be more organised using the KonMari Method™”

Alongside having completed the KonMari Certified Consultant Course in Los Angeles, CA, on 20th September 2019. Association of Spanish Professional Organisers (AOPE).

I am specialised & certified in: Baby Organising, Mum Planner, Executive House Keeping Organising, Home Office, Moving Organising, Bereavement Organising, and Visual Impairment & Physical Disabilities Organising, qualified in Brazil. Digital Organising, qualified in Spain.

Furthermore, as a curious and passionate person, I have been and will always be inquisitive about organising methods.

“Therefore, after a long time trying to ignore my passion for organising, finally I can share and bring the spark of joy, to your home or business”

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Tidy Place + Tidy Mind = Tidy Life